Clean Air for the Future

Aug 13

As globalization continues to affect our growing world we as a species must innovate our technology in order to protect the Earth from harmful environmental pollutants. As we burn fossil fuels, pump methane into our atmosphere from animal agriculture, and burn down the rest of our rainforests our planet has become increasingly fragile. Too long have humans placed our own immediate needs above the long term needs for all life on Earth. Companies such as RoboVent are mavericks in their field, cleaning up the earth’s air supply and reducing further impact. Their mission is simple – provide innovative tools that can reduce harmful emissions that would otherwise harm the operator and the planet as a whole.

The global population has exploded at an alarming rate. Humans are doing more to harm the planet than they are to heal it. We take out resources from the earth’s crust, burn down forests, which in turn throws out excess carbon into the air, and overfish the oceans until one day they will be virtually empty. Even more depressing is that we have pridefully done this in the name of the entire human species with no remorse. This is where companies like RoboVent are stepping in to combat climate change by producing technology that is innovative in order to slow the effects of humanity killing the earth. The Anthropocene is the current age we are living in. This age is notated by the period in which humanity permanently disrupted the planetary environment in a way never previously recorded. Due to human intervention, wind patterns have shifted causing major changes to climate and seasonal periods. This in turn has and will continue to disrupt farming cycles.

Everything humanity has done to pollute the world in the past 100 years is literally shifting the homeostatic patterns that the earth previously operated on. RoboVent specifically uses innovative technology in order to stay current with worker’s needs. Their filtration systems are cutting edge and are crucial to their mission of improving lives daily. The work RoboVent is spearheading is extremely valuable to the future of industrial work sites. With current political administrations slacking majorly on EPA regulations for factories and major producers, companies like RoboVent must be at the forefront of protecting workers and the planet. Their commitment to the earth and their clients have allowed them to prosper alongside other Fortune 500 companies. I find it particularly important to mention that typically companies that place client feedback on a level of high importance usually have successful business ventures and RoboVent is an excellent example of that vision.

To summarize, as the whole of Humanity enters further into the Anthropocene it is increasingly important to place companies like RoboVent at the front lines of technological innovation so that we as a species do not further harm the planet. Eco-friendly technology must become the standard goal for all devices around the world. As tech is integrated more regularly, we must make sure it is ethically suitable for our current ecological state.

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